Hebron High unbeaten academic record persists

By Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi’s Zion Christian Church (ZCC)-owned Hebron High School’s top-notch academic record continues to strengthen as evidenced by the 2019 ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level examination results.

A total of 84.72 percent of pupils who sat for the ‘O’ level examinations passed five subjects and better, with Lennon Kandenga emerging as the best pupil after scoring 12As and 2Bs.

Wonders were also done at ‘A’ level where the overall pass rate of 94.5 percent was recorded, with the best pupil being Samson Shereni who obtained two As and two Bs to earn himself 18 points from the four subjects he sat for.

History was the most passed subject at ‘O’ level where 64 pupils got As and 35 others got Bs, followed by Heritage Studies where 39As and 46 Bs were obtained.

Geography has 19As and 39 Bs while Combined Science and Shona recorded 13 As each, with Accounting recording 6As and 20Bs. In physics, the overall pass rate was a straight 100 percent made up of 3As and 12Bs.

Hebron High School head, Mirirai Svunurai dedicated the results to staff, parents and pupils whom he praised for hard work and unwavering commitment.

“The school always strives for the best. These results, as has become the trend, are pleasing results. We managed to obtain an overall pass rate of 84.72 percent at ‘O’ level, with our pupils passing more than five subjects each.

Our ‘A’ level class also performed well and managed to record an overall pass rate of 94.5 percent and we are pleased by that,” said Svunurai.

The ‘A’ level class has one other pupil with 14 points while 13 other pupils attained between 10 and 13 points. A total of 19 other pupils got between seven and nine points.

The ZCC-run school has continued to grow its record as a place where minds are nurtured in class, and where education is imparted in the most enabling environment.