Heroes Day Woes For MDC Supporters

Villagers and shoppers at the business centre were left shell shocked after the two ladies, Grace Mtungwa and Lillian Gwangudza were left in total nudeness after their MDC clothes were torn to pieces by the war veterans who accused them of putting on regalia from sell outs and puppets as districts celebrations were being held.

The other youths who were assaulted said they sustained serious injuries from the beatings and were accused of defying a long time order not to wear MDC regalia in their district by the boisterous war
veterans led by Cde Admire Mufara.

“We were approached by a group of war veterans led by Mufara who led the 2008 violence here and accused us of defying their order. He accused us undermining and showing disrespect to war
veterans who died in the liberation struggle by wearing MDC T/shirts on the day their lives was being commemorated”.
“They beat us up very hard we sustained injuries some were even referred to Masvingo General Hospital but they couldn’t go there because of cash constraints,” said Taurai Makonese one of the victims.

The other youths who were assaulted are Tangai Makamure, Joseph Nyemba, Mike Madambi, Jotam Masiyambiri and Trouble Matambura.

MDC Gutu east constituency, Youth Chairman, Tichivangani Gonese condemned the assaults.

“We totally condemn the beating of our youths by Zanu (PF) war veterans for wearing their party regalia. This shows that Zanu (PF) has a history of violence. But we want to warn them that if they continue to beat our youths we will mobilise and fight back to defend our selves, we will not continue to fold our hands and watch them beat us,” said Gonese.

MDC supporters in Gutu were also chased from the Heroes celebrations by the war veterans who labeled them sell-outs. Gonese said although their youths reported the case to the police no
arrests has been made and Police spokesperson here, Inspector Tinaye Matake declined to comment.