HIFA Mourns Andy Brown

“HIFA mourns the sad loss of Andy Brown. Andy was an exceptionally talented artist for whom HIFA had much admiration,” HIFA said in its weekly updates to fans of the week long arts festival revellers.
“His two Main Stage appearances at HIFA will remain as much a fixture in HIFA history as the performances of other legends of Zimbabwean music who have performed at HIFA. HIFA wishes his family courage and comfort.”
Brown who died aged 50 was buried in Mberengwa. He rose to fame with songs such as Mapurisa, Daisy. He played with the late eighties group Ilanga which had the likes of the late Don Gumbo and Adam Chisvo.
He later formed his own group The Storm. His engagement with President Robert Mugabe’s propaganda machine to sing praise to old leader led to Brown being criticised and to lose fans
HIFA which has been held every year over the past decade is a festival and workshop that showcases local, regional and international arts and culture, theatre, dance, music, circus, street performance, spoken word and as well visual art.