HIV & AIDS Activists Castigate Dishonest Faith Healers

People living with HIV have castigated faith healers who are making claims that they can treat AIDS, saying they are being retrogressive and eroding gains that have been made in treating those affected.This comes as some prophets and traditional healers have been discouraging people living with HIV to take anti-retroviral drugs.

Zimbabwe HIV & AIDS Activists Union president Stanley Takawona said faith healers and others who move around telling people living with HIV to stop using anti retroviral drugs are actually disturbing treatment and putting the health of people at risk.

The patron of the trust, who is also the Health Advisor in the Office of The President and Cabinet, Dr. Timothy Stamps, said people living with HIV have kept quiet for a long time and it is time for them to take action against stigimitisation.

The association was formed 10 years ago in Epworth with only 10 members and was rebranded in April this year to accommodate the community share trust scheme which is meant to get other people more involved in activities to do with HIV.

Meanwhile, Bulawayo metropolitan province has become the first to launch the Zimbabwe HIV & AIDS Activists Union Community Share Trust scheme which is set to improve the lives of people living with the virus.