Holidaying Mugabe Expected Back Next Week

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, out in the Far East for his annual leave, is expected back in the country next week, Zanu PF sources have revealed.

The Zimbabwean leader, who turns 92 next month, left the country just before Christmas heading for an undisclosed Asian country for his vacation.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could not be reached on his mobile.

But Information minister Chris Mushohwe on Friday said it was not the business of anyone to snoop into President Mugabe’s private visit.

“Why should I even be interested in his movements,” Mushohwe said.

“He did not leave on official business. You cannot go on a private business and still tell people you are coming next week. He is on private vacation.”

When he flew out for his annual vacation, the veteran leader left his lieutenants scrounging around for funds to pay civil servants.

His apparent decision to turn his back on a burning country was slammed by his political opponents who accused him of lacking empathy for the same workforce that has propped up his administration.


If he returns next week, President Mugabe would have cut short his usually month long vacation by a week.