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Zimbabwe can produce only 500 passports a day. With about 40000 applications still waiting to be processed, the backlog for passports will not be met. South Africa proposes that all applicants for Zimbabwean passports must attach a copy of the receipt for their passport application form.
South Africa will keep the application for regularisation aside until the applicants have received their passports.

South Africa will probably not be able to finalise all applications by December 31, partly because fingerprinting and verification of records take time.The department will call people in batches for fingerprinting, but applications must meet the deadline. Some people do not have the necessary documents with them in South Africa to apply for passports in Zimbabwe.
They must place themselves on a list and “indicate that they have a birth certificate and that they were registered in Zimbabwe. Or, they have an ID document but it is not in South Africa. And maybe list their parent’s names”.
The South African government will ask the Zimbabwean government to verify the citizenship of these people. If they are on the list, and their forms are in by December 31, their applications will be put aside until their citizenship is verified.
Those who are able to obtain confirmation of citizenship from the Zimbabwean consulate or embassy but are waiting for a passport or ID, will also have their applications set aside until they can be processed.
Although applications close on December 31, the processing will continue beyond this date. No deportations will be done until the applications have been processed.