Homosexuality Rife In Zim Prisons – ZPS Official

ZPS Deputy Commissioner Agrey Machingauta told Parliament on Thursday: “Homosexuality is not legal in our laws. Whoever does it inside or outside our prison walls would be doing it illegal. This activity takes place in our prisons. We receive reports whenever the parties are not in agreement even if when the parties are in agreement but there are witnesses to such acts. It is a prison offence and we charge that person. We have powers to try and award sentences.”

Machingauta was presenting oral evidence on the current state of prisons before the Senate thematic committee on human rights chaired by Movement for Democratic Change Senator for Mabutweni constituency, Gladys Dube.

The ZPS boss, who stood in for ZPS Commissioner Paradzai Zimondi, who is reportedly not feeling well added:“There are hard core criminals who have made prisons their homes and those are the people who commit these acts.”

Machingauta said the ZPS is not issuing out condoms in prisons as this would encourage homosexuality.

“We cannot issue condoms to inmates until this august house legalise homosexuality. We find it difficult to legalise an act that is illegal,” said Machingauta.

Homosexuality is illegal in the southern African country, where its leader President Robert Mugabe frequently describes gays and lesbians as “worse than pigs and dogs.”