Homosexuality 'Ungodly' – Smaller MDC Faction Leader

Ncube said in an interview on Sunday and at a rally in Nkayi on Friday that that data from the constitution making process shows that the majority of Zimbabweans are against homosexuality.

“As a party, we support what the people of Zimbabwe want and they have said that they do not want gays,” Ncube said in an interview on Sunday after his party’s rally in Magwegwe high density suburb, Bulawayo.

“The people of Zimbabwe have spoken, we are privy to the data from COPAC (parliamentary select committee that gathered views on the new constitution) that indicates that it is almost unanimous that with our cultural background, this is something that we should not even be debating about as Zimbabweans just do not want gay rights recognised in the country.”

The leader of the mainstream MDC-T Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai told the BBC in London that a new Zimbabwe constitution must respect gay rights. He said that gay rights are a “human right” that conservative Zimbabweans should respect.

Ncube had earlier on Friday told another rally in Nesigwe area in Nkayi: “You (Tsvangirai) always want to say things that you think your listeners want to hear. Today you say this, tomorrow you say that, even contradicting what you said yesterday because you want all people to view you as if you are the one who is good.”

“You always tell lies; you are not being honest. When you get to where there are whites only, you say it is good that the constitution of Zimbabwe enshrines homosexuals’ rights, simply because whites support that practice. When you are with blacks, you say you don’t know where homosexuals are getting that practice from,” Ncube said.

He said Tsvangirai must be honest and courageous enough to stand for the things he believes in.

“If you believe in your ancestors, offer your sacrifices to them openly, without trying to hide in any way and if you are an Adventist, go to Sabbath and worship Jesus in an Adventist way. You cannot worship Jesus over night and switch to ancestral spirits during the day. If you do that we won’t know where you stand and how can you then lead the country?” queried Ncube.

Prof Ncube was accompanied by the party’s secretary-general, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and the Matabeleland North MDC-N leadership.

Zimbabwe’s long-time leader Robert Mugabe has a longstanding antagonism against gays, denying that they have any rights whatsoever and has described them as “worse than pigs and dogs.”
Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries.

In Malawi last year, a judge sentenced a gay couple to 14 years with hard labour after they celebrated their engagement with a party at a hotel.

In Uganda, lawmakers are considering a bill under which homosexuals could be sentenced to life and “repeat offenders” could be executed. In South Africa, the only African country that recognises gay rights, gangs have raped lesbians.

Britain has said it is considering withholding aid from countries that do not recognise gay rights, according to Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Britain is now one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper human rights, and that includes how people treat gay and lesbian people,” Cameron was quoted on Sunday telling the BBC at the end of a Commonwealth leaders’ summit in Perth, Australia.