Honey project boosts Hurungwe business expo

By Nhau Mangirazi
MAGUNJE- Miombo honey project boosted the environment draw card during the inaugural Hurungwe
business expo here recently.
Hurungwe rural district council hosted the expo drawing stakeholders from network providers, health,
agriculture, mining, and Government departments who showcased their products to develop outlying
remote district.
Hurungwe chief executive officer Luke Kalavino revealed that expo is aimed at enticing potential investors.
The district like others around the country face socio and economic development challenges.
Kalavhino said, ‘The district has great potential for Apiculture and there is huge demand for natural honey.
We need therefore need to produce the honey, process and pack it for export,’
Miombo is a community based project’s thrust is to safeguard nature and tress around Mudzimu Ward 13.
It is now paying off an becoming a reality in boosting food security.
For Hurungwe, Miombo is derived from local indigenous trees that attract bees within Mudzimu area.
It has a membership of 258 including 196 men and 62 women.
It kicked off in 2015 with training from World Wide Fund that has changed the face of local communities.
Project coordinator Promise Ziome said Mudzimu was targeted since it is one of the worst hit area facing
acute food shortages.
‘Ward 13 has suffered dry spells of late and this bee keeping project has been worth cause to mitigate both
food security and climate change around here. We are happy that the community embraced the Zimbabwe
Apiculture Trust initiative and is making progress around Hurungwe,’ said Ziome. Mashonaland West
provincial minister challenged sponsors to cover all Hurungwe district 26 wards to empower communities
for sustainable development.
‘The bee keeping project is making better strides to transform communities around Mudzimu and their
showcasing at Hurungwe business expo is a testimony to that. However, my main worry is why did you
leave out some wards? We all need to move on the same wave length in maintaining our environment
and sustainable development.
Miombo Forest Honey Project chairperson Handison Takabviwa concurred that they are ready to train
other villagers in bee keeping adventure.
‘We have the capacity to train anyone as we want communities to benefit from nature while preserving
environment,’ he said.
He explained honey project transformed communal substance maize farmers harnessing honey for survival.
‘We want to go commercial through honey making factory at Mudzimu business centre for sale.  Currently,
we produce six tons of raw honey and after processing we are assured of two tons from our harvest,’ he added.
The project in Mudzimu is situated about 70 kilometers west of Karoi and they have 1350 bee hives supplying
honey around Karoi, resort town of Kariba, Chirundu boarder town, Chinhoyi, Kwekwe among other towns.
Kalavino  concuded that  the expo seeks to prop up Public Private Partnerships
‘Hurungwe district wants a solid base for Pubic Private Partnership  to attract investors and make progress
on outstanding capital projects. These include infrastructural growth not essentially financed by overtaxed
communities,” concluded Kalavhino