House Arrest For Madzore?

Madzore has been languishing in prison since his arrest early last month on charges of allegedly murdering a police officer, Inspector Petros Mutedza.

Madzore’s lawyer, Gift Mtisi of Musendekwa and Mtisi Legal Practitioners, who is a member of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights on Wednesday asked High Court Judge, Justice Maria Zimba-Dube to consider placing Madzore under house arrest as part of stringent bail conditions that allays the state’s fears that he would abscond trial which has now been set for March next year.

“If the state fears that he is a flight risk, he is offering to be placed under house arrest,” said Mtisi.

Mtisi has also asked Zimba-Dube to consider barring Madzore from travelling beyond a 50 kilometre radius outside Harare and to report to Harare Central Police Station if she is not satisfied with the option of a house arrest as part the bail condition.

He has also proposed to pay bail deposit of US$3 000 while his brother, Paul Madzore, who is the legislator for Glenview South constituency in Harare has pledged surety of US$5 000 if the MDC youth leader defaults on paying the bail money.

Edmore Nyazamba, a law officer in the Attorney General’s Office is opposing the release of Madzore on bail arguing that he is a flight risk who will abscond because he was allegedly on the run when police wanted to arrest him in connection with Mutedza’s murder since May, a charge he denies.

In his application for bail pending trial which is being heard in the high court, Mtisi argued that there are now changed circumstances since Madzore’s arrest in early October which warrants his client’s release from prison on bail.

Mtisi said the medical doctor who attended to the MDC youth leader’s wife, Charity has now deposed an affidavit confirming that Madzore accompanied his wife to be attended to by Doctor Reggis Munyoro on the day that state claims he allegedly murdered Mutedzi.

Madzore was arrested early last month and charged with murdering Inspector Mutedza. His first bail application was dismissed last month by Justice Hlekani Mwayera who ruled that he was a flight risk.

The bail hearing continues on Thursday morning after it was deferred to allow Nyazamba to attend to the funeral of his workmate’, Godwin Nyasha who passed on on Wednesday.