How Africans are reacting to UK election results,Boris victory

The landslide election victory of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has been met with varied responses by leaders and citizens in African countries.

Brexit and Boris Johnson trended on social media Friday morning – a sign of widespread interest in how the UK’s departure from the European Union would affect Africa.

In a tweet, Zambian President Edgar Lungu expressed confidence

that Zambia and the UK will “continue to explore avenues of cooperation and investment” under Mr Johnson’s leadership.

Somalia’s President Mohamed Farmajo said the UK is a “valuable ally and friend of Somalia”

¬†While Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta congratulated

Mr Johnson and promised to work to strengthen bilateral ties.

Many people appeared surprised by the margin of the win. Others wondered how what appeared to them to be a tight political contest ended up as a heavy defeat for the opposition Labour party.

And there are those bracing for “interesting times” ahead, while making references to a world in which Boris Johnson and Donald Trump hold two of the most powerful seats in the world