Hundreds Gather For David Masondo Memorial

Hundreds of people from all walks of life have gathered at the Hammarsdale Training College west of Durban to celebrate the life of the late David Masondo.
The memorial service was filled with laughter and lots of singing and dancing to the tunes of the Soul Brothers as people remembered the popular band lead singer. His family and band members say they appreciate the support they received during this difficult time.

The venue was packed to capacity and mourners were even accommodated outside.

One of the groups inspired by the late Masondo, the Legacy, performed some of the Soul Brothers songs. The group’s Jabulani Mthembu says they want to honour Masondo’s legacy.

“We can actually relate to it because we grew up listening to it while were still young very young. We would listen to it, our grandpas they were fascinated with their music all the time they would sing it, so at home we would just be dancing to their sounds and stuff. So that is what actually inspired us to do what we do. Even now we are inspired by them, we are inspired by Mambazo it’s quite a beautiful journey. Being here today, we just here to pay tribute to the legend himself Mr Masondo”, says Jabulani Mthembu.

Messages of support for the band and the entire Masondo family came from afar. Even President Jacob Zuma paid tribute to his talent.

“This is a loss; a big loss to artists in South Africa. His music has been wonderful and loved by everybody, the ordinary people felt at home with his music. We think South Africa has lost one of its best indeed, and we once again, would like to convey our condolences to the family in particular.


Masondo’s children say they are grateful to all who are with them as they mourn the passing of their father.

Nokukhanya Masondo Madiba says: “Now we are celebrating his life, we know our father was a hero, and we know God love us even during this time. We are very grateful for the support we have received since our father passed on; messages have been coming in from all over the world. Even today its cold but people have come in their numbers to celebrate our father”.      
Masondo will be buried in Hammarsdale on Sunday.