Hundreds Jostle for Free Medication

“The large number of people who have come here is evident that many in Zimbabwe cannot access basic healthcare because of fees charged at hospitals, in a country like ours were the majority are jobless government should consider offering free healthcare to such people,” said Milos Dube after consulting a doctor.

The majority of people who spoke to Radio VOP said they had been unwell for some time now but could not go to hospital due to prohibitive costs.

“They (NHTZ) should come here more often maybe we might get well,” said a 78 year old Thenjiwe Ncube who travelled from rural Gwanda to have her eyes treated.

The National Healthcare Trust of Zimbabwe is a strategic partnership amongst various non-state actors including Econet who came together in direct response to the need to strengthen the capacity of the country’s ailing health delivery system.

Since 2008 it mobilised resources in response to the devastating cholera outbreak which claimed several lives.