Hundreds Of Refugees Refused Entry At Nyamapanda Border Post

The border post is with Zimbabwe’s poor neighbour, Mozambique.

The Ethiopian refugees have now been accompanied by some from Somalia, which is facing a serious food and humanitarian crisis.

The international community is already asking countries to support them.

A visit by this Reporter to Juru growth point showed that there were no more refugees entering Zimbabwe from the border post because they were now being refused entry.

“We have not seen any of them coming this way,” a resident at Juru Growth Point said in an exclusive interview.

“Last month there were hundreds entering Zimbabwe from Nyamapanda but this figure has now gone down.” He said they were being refused entry by the authorities at the border post.

The South African government recently also announced that as of the beginning of August it would begin to deport Zimbabweans from that country.

It also said it would no longer allow refugees entering its country which is wealthy according to African standards.

The number of migrants is increasing in Zimbabwe and South Africa whose economies are currently ticking.

The humanitarian world said at least 7 200 people have already arrived in Zimbabwe en-route to South Africa from the Horn of Africa.