Hungry Masvingo Villagers Assault Their Chief

Murinye who arrived at Chikarudzo business center where thousands of villagers were receiving food aid from the donor agency clad in his traditional regalia ordered an immediate stop for the distribution of food in his area ‘until certain issues are ironed out’.
However, Murinye was not allowed to finish his speech as hungry villagers started assaulting him before he rushed to his Mazda B18 truck and drove off.Murinye refused to speak to RadioVop saying ‘whatever happened had completely nothing to do with the press’.
“You are a journalist not a traditional leader, what kind of a solution do you want to give us? Its better you concentrate on other things rather than keep phoning for issues which do not have anything to do with you,” said Murinye.
However, villagers said they were tired of traditional leaders who chase away donors leaving them without anyone to help them with relief food.
“We wanted to receive food as usual but unfortunately the chief felt that some protocols were not being observed and then came to order an immediate stop of the food distribution. His order did not go well with hungry villagers who teamed up and asked Murinye to sit down but as he refused to sit down, some men ganged up and started to beat him,” said a villager who refused to be named.Officials from Care International who were at Chikarudzo business center said they were too junior to speak to the press.