Hungry Villagers Jostle For Game Meat

Scores of villagers were left with injuries as they descended on the giraffe carcass. Those with serious injuries were detained at Boora clinic while others were treated and discharged.
The villagers used axes, hoes, logs and machetes to attack the dead animal cuasing chaos which the village elders failed to control.
A nurse at Boora clinic confirmed the incident and said they had treated several wounded villagers.
”The clinic was overwhelmed with patients seeking treatment for wounds and most of thm had cuts all over the body and on the head which showed that some sharp objects were used to attack them. We gave some of them painkillers while others who were serioulsy hurt were transferred to Silveira Mission Hospital so that they get specialist treatment,”said the nurse.
Bikita District Administrator,  Admore Bhamu admitted that many villagers were faced with hunger but denied knowledge of villagers having fought over giraffee meat.

Meanwhile angry Chiredzi villagers who had been resisting government efforts to relocate them from Gonarezhou National Park snubbed a meeting convened by Masvingo Governor Titus Maluleke on Friday.

They said he was a sellout and instead demanded an audience with President Robert Mugabe if they were to leave.
At least 800 families from the militant Chitsa clan of the Shangaan tribe have been resisting efforts by government to relocate them elsewhere to pave way for the Great Limpopo Tansfrontier Park that will join Gonarezhou with Mozambique’s Limpopo game park and South Africa’s Kruger National Park.
The continued presence of the Chitsa families in Gonarezhou where they survive from eating game meat, has been a thorny in the flesh for Zimbabwe government officials.
Maluleke has been spearheading efforts to convince the Chitsa clan to leave the park but he got more than what he had bargained for after he was heckled and scolded by angry villagers during a meeting at Chibwedziva business centre near Gonarezhou National park.

”They openly told him that he was a shameless puppet who was being used to move people from his tribe from their only home and scolded him relentllessly demanding that President Mugabe comes down to address them since he was the one who had promised them to stay in the park before the 2008 harmonised elections. They walked away leaving Maluleke and his aides seated by themseleves. It was very embarrassing,”said a source who attended the meeting.
The source added that even attempts by the embattled Maluleke to address the families in Shangaan laguage imploring them to came back to the meeting fell on deaf ears as they demanded to meet with Mugabe himself.
Maluleke refused to say anything about the incident saying,”Do I report to you? If you wanted to know what happened why did’nt you attend the meeting yourself.”

This is not the first time that Maluleke has been embarassed by the Chitsa families saga, as last year Chief Chitsa soiled himself in the governor’s office during a meeting to discuss the relocation from Gonarezhou.
Maluleke was forced to end the meeting after Chief Chitsa soiled himself to express his displeasure over the relocation of members of his clan. The Chitsa clan claim the land which they settled on belongs to their ancestors and invaded the game park during the days of farm invasions which started the chaotic land reforms in Zimbabwe.