Hungwe Says Muzenda Was Mugabe's Last True Friend

The death of former Vice President Simon Muzenda in September 2003 robbed President Robert Mugabe of his only true friend and no one can ever replace him, former Masvingo Governor, Senator Josaya Hungwe said on Wednesday.

Hungwe, Chivi-Mwenezi senator and politburo member made the revelations when he addressed scores of people who gathered to welcome Shuvai Mahofa to office as the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs.

“The president will never find a true friend like Muzenda. Now Muzenda is dead  and only rascals are left in the party and government,” Hungwe told the gathering.

Hungwe said the revelation is a secret that he wanted to share with Zanu (PF) supporters before he dies.

“This is the secret that I want you to know before I pass on,” said Hungwe who is also minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education and Vocational  Training.

He recalled the meeting in 2002 between him (Hungwe), the late Muzenda affectionately known as the spirit of the nation and the President when the late VP urged  him to support Mugabe.

“The  (former) vice president prophesied about the Gomatox which first happened in 2002 and the one which recently happened in the Zanu(PF) where some party members planned to topple the President. He told me never to abandon the President,” added Hungwe.

It is widely believed that Mugabe lost the 2002 and 2008 presidential elections to MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai but speculation is that he was saved by rigging.

“Now I urge you also never to let the President down as we did in the 2008 elections. Let’s be like Muzenda who never let the President and the party down,” Hungwe said.

Mahofa,once fingered in the invasion of the Save Conservancy despite a Politburo directive to vacate, read the riot act to corrupt civil servants in her province and also requested former governor Hungwe to give her tips on how to efficiently run the province.

Recently voted as secretary for security,Mahofa was once deputy minister of youth, gender and women’s affairs.