Hurungwe lures investors amid water, food crisis

By Nhau Mangirazi


HURUNGWE– Hurungwe district council launched business expo last week amid deepening social services crisis here.

Council chief executive officer Luke Karavhina said the communities in the vast and second large district in the country are facing many challenges.

‘These challenges include lack of access to clean water, bad road networks, unemployment, communications, education and access to basic primary health care. This takes a toll on our ability to deliver service given our limited fiscal space,’ he said.

He revealed that the local authority traditional revenue lines have dwindled over the years due to financial confusion systems in the country.

‘These include conflicting Statutory Instruments and Acts , persistent droughts and the adverse effects of inflation emanating from declining purchasing power as a result of  moving exchange rates,’ said Karivhina.

However, he said despite these challenges, the district needed to survive with adequate water, schools, clinics, and improve our standard of living.

‘Thus local Economic Development becomes imminent. We must have our own manufacturing industries, tobacco auction floors, tobacco processing and exporting companies here in the district. We must also develop our value chains so that we can realize better returns from our agricultural produce’ he suggested during last week business expo that drew local and indigenous companies.

He revealed that horticulture and market gardening were becoming potential areas of investment within the district.

Mashonaland West provincial minister Mary Mliswa-Chikoka said it is high time potential investors work with locals to enhance Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as devolution takes shape.

‘We are sure that potential investors can work closely with locals. Honey making has proven to be a critical employment window opportunity for locals. Business in Hurungwe can thrive if investors have confidence in what we want to sell to the outside world undertaking value across the industry system,’ she added.

Hurungwe has potential investment in ecotourism, agriculture, mining, solar energy, water systems and road networks among others according to Karavhina.