Hyenas Drag, Devour Suicide Victim's Corpse

By Judith Sibanda

Victoria Falls, July 22, 2016 – TWO Victoria Falls motorists had the shock of their lives on Thursday when they came across hyenas dragging a human body along a high way.

According to reports, the body discovered at Kazungula road was that of a local Mkhosana high density suburb woman who allegedly committed suicide after axing her husband during a domestic dispute.

“Two motorists approaching Victoria Falls from Kazungula had a shock when they came across hyenas dragging a human body across the road in front of them.

“Parks reacted to the report, followed the drag marks for over a kilometre, and found the head and torso of a woman outside the hyena’s den; the rest of the body had been devoured,” said Bhejane Trust Conservation group in a statement.

“It turned out that the woman, a resident of Victoria Falls had a domestic dispute with her husband and hit him on the head with an axe. Thinking she had killed him (he survived), she fled into the nearby Park and committed suicide. The hyenas found the body and dragged it home.”

However, according to family neighbours, the deceased identified as NakaPurity from Mupati village under chief Saba in Binga was married to Norman Siansipa.

The couple had a long family dispute over her health issues which had recently ended up taking her to a traditional healer despite the agreement from her husband and relatives.

“She was having complicated diseases and at some point it became a mental problem and her mother ended up taking her to a traditional healer in Zambia where she came back fully recovered,” said one Lenziwe Mpofu.

“The Siansipa family did not take her back as they said the act was against their customs and she left the marriage. Few weeks after that, her mother hanged herself due to family frustrations and that was the time the Siansipa family decided to take her back but they continued fighting with the husband as she accused them of killing her mother.

“The day she axed him, which was last Wednesday, they had argued over the same issue hence took away the axe Siansipa wanted to axe her with and she hit him on the head before disappearing for a week.” 

However Officer Commanding Victoria Falls District, Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona said he could not give much detail as he had just reported for duty.

“I arrived this morning and I cannot help you with anything. I heard we received such a memo but I can only give you the details tomorrow afternoon after our meetings,” said Chiwona.