I Am A Highly Misunderstood Politician: Mutasa

Zanu PF secretary for administration and Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa says he is a highly misunderstood politician who is nonetheless “very peaceful and loving”.

Speaking at a Pioneer Seeds organised field day in Nyanga South on Friday, Mutasa accused the media of tarnishing his “good” image and that of President Mugabe.

“The person I read in the newspapers is a different person I really am. I think I am a person who loves people and hate evil,” he said.

Mutasa claimed he felt hurt whenever Mugabe was being portrayed in bad light in newspapers. He alleged some media organisations were attacking him and Mugabe at the behest of the British and American governments.

“When our freedom fighters went to war they did not go to fight to promote corruption in this country. We have worked with Mugabe for a long time and we were in jail with him. If you insult him (in the media) we will be hurt,” he said.

“We are not leaders of corruption but we are leaders who fought for the liberation of this country.”

Mutasa recently threatened to deal with newspapers who were portraying Mugabe’s health in bad light.

The Zanu PF secretary for administration has also reportedly expressed dismay at the manner he was sometimes portrayed in the state-owned newspapers.

The field day was also attended by deputy minister for Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Supa Mandiwanzira, who is also Nyanga South legislator.

Mutasa also urged the Grain Marketing Board not to short-change its customers saying the national granary should shut its milling units and concentrate on restoring the country’s bread basket status.

“Tell the Agriculture minister that we are not happy with what GMB is doing,” he told the agriculture ministry officials who were present at the field day.

“They should form Public Private Partnerships with other stakeholders such as seed houses and ensure that the food and nutrition clause in the Zim Asset is a success. They should stop milling because that is drawing us back,” he said.

Mandiwanzira challenged small-scale farmers to do their best to ensure that they played their part in the implementation of Zim Asset.