I Did Not Create Baba Jukwa: Kudzayi

Harare, June 26, 2014-The Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who was arrested last week, maintains he is not behind the notorious Baba Jukwa Facebook character and accuses the police of failure to institute proper investigations to apprehend the actual culprit.

In his lengthy bail application placed at the High Court by his lawyer Admire Rubaya which is slated for hearing on Friday, Kudzayi has challenged the state to place evidence linking him to the creation of the Baba Jukwa Facebook page on the 22nd of March 2013.

He proceeds by requesting the court to compel the state to engage Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg and his company to ascertain the internet protocol (IP) address of the person who set up the account as well as the IP addresses of other administrators.

He further challenges the state to contact Google to get the IP address of the person who set up Gmail account babajukwa2013@gmail.com.

Kudzayi says while information at hand shows that Baba Jukwa joined Facebook on the 22nd of March, he was in the United Kingdom then and he only came into the country in June when he procured a buddie line from Econet Wireless.

He contends that the state should go and verify the details of his line at Econet where all records are available.

He says the state’s allegations that he opened a Facebook page in March, before procuring the Econet line in June are meaningless as one has to get a line first, before opening a Gmail account and finally creating a Facebook account.

Meanwhile, his brother Phillip Kudzayi who is facing similar charges of attempting to overthrow a constitutionally elected government appeared before provincial magistrate Mr Vakai Chikwekwe who remanded him in custody to the 7th of July.

He can only seek bail at the High Court.