ICU Patients Forced To Vacate For Ailing Mugabe

Highly placed sources at the government run health institution told Radio VOP that two armed police officers spent Wednesday night and the whole day on Thursday guarding one of the intensive care unit which had been reserved for the President in case  any mishap happens to him.

“One intensive care unit was on Thursday reserved for the President, in case of any emergency. Some patients in that unit were removed. The hospital authorities were forced to buy new bad linen and other equipment for the President’s special medical unit which was also manned by doctors,” said a source at the hospital that can not be named for fear of victimisation.

Some of the hospital’s ambulances were also on standby the whole day on Thursday. Mugabe who travelled to Bulawayo with a chartered plane capped 1 234 grandaunts at the institution’s 17th graduation ceremony before officially opening the university’s ceremonial hall.