Ignore Zanu PF and Madhuku: Says Welshman Ncube Led MDC

“ZANU(PF) is confused, they can have many politburo meetings they want on the constitution. They can have even a thousand of them and reject as many times what they have agreed to. This just shows their factionalism. It just shows their divisions.

“It also shows that they are not putting national interests first. What we are saying is that let the people accept or reject the constitution through a referendum,” Qhubani Moyo the National Organising Secretary of the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube told Radio VOP in Harare on the sidelines of  a two day SADC Media, Civil Society and Political party players’ round table, Monday.

 “As of Madhuku, let’s just ignore him he is looking for donor funds. People like him are business minded and they are after making money not building the nation, “Moyo added.

ZANU(PF)  had a night long  meeting when they discussed the draft constitution. The party adjourned the meeting for Wednesday when it will announce its decision on whether to endorse the constitution or not.

Professor Lovemore Madhuku Monday announced that his organisation is currently compiling a ‘long’ list of defects in the draft constitution it will soon present to the public.

“There is no basis of supporting this document which is being decided by politicians. We hear that the three principals have a final say to the draft constitution, and yes that is what is going to happen, and do we want that to happen? Politicians deciding for us?”, Professor Madhuku told delegates gathered for a two day SADC Media, Civil Society and Political party players’ round table in Harare, Monday.

 “We will be publishing a long, long, long list of the defects of the constitution and make people see,” Madhuku said.