Ignoring Zim Anti-sanctions Campaign Is Ignoring God- Zanu (PF)

Simon Khaya Moyo, Zanu (PF) chairman defended the on-going anti-sanctions signature campaign saying this was being done to make sure the world knows that the sanctions are not targeted, but were affecting everyone in the country.

 “The idea is to make the world realise that these sanctions are not targeted,” Moyo told Radio VOP.

 “Every Zimbabwean knows that they are comprehensive. Right now I am informed we are somewhere around 2-2.5 million, but once the signatures have been put together they will get to 3 million.

 “We will take them to all the institutions which are key in terms of international law because sanctions are illegal. First they will be taken to Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit, then African Union (AU) and then they will take them to the  UN itself so that they know what the people of Zimbabwe are saying. They are saying remove these sanctions, they are hurting us. If you ignore that, then you even ignore God.”
 Moyo could not be drawn how soon the petitions could be  taken to both Sadc and AU before they are taken to the UN.

 Last week, a  group of demonstrators under the banner of the Anti-Sanctions Trust on Wednesday stormed Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s offices demanding that he sign the petition.  However, Biti refused to budge.

Mugabe early this year launched the anti-sanctions campaign as a national program where members of the public sign a petition calling on Western countries to remove the sanctions which they imposed on Zimbabwe in 2002 following the disputed presidential poll which the West condemned as a sham.

Several Zanu (PF) ministers and service chiefs have signed the petition.

There have been reports that several civil servants especially teachers have been forced to sign while some people living in the rural areas have signed the petition for fear of reprisals.

Moyo however denied this saying it  is “all propaganda coming from our detractors.”

The targeted sanctions essentially bar Mugabe and his cronies from travelling to the West and the later are also barred from conducting business by those on the travel restrictions.