ILO Gives Zim An Ultimatum

Speaking to Journalists in Harare recently, the organisation’s Executive Director Standards and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, Kari Tapiola said discussions to find best ways in which the implementations of the recommendation of the results of a commission of enquiry conducted last year in the country, were still continuing with the government.

Among the recommendations, are labour law reforms, non application of the Public Order and Security Act on trade unions, an immediate stop of torture and intimidation of trade unionists.

Mr Lancester Museka, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Labour, said government was committed to implementing the recommendations made by ILO.

“We have agreed that there is need for an awareness campaign to the police to make them aware of the fact that POSA does not apply to trade unions and I am glad to say that the Inclusive government is going to review POSA,” he  said.

The police have been using POSA to disrupt any gathering including peaceful industrial action.
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions  (ZCTU) President Lovemore Matombo said he wanted the reforms to be made and implemented before the end of this year.

“Our expectations are very high, in fact we want Zimbabwe to implement these recommendations as soon as yesterday. As ZCTU we take the intervention of the ILO as the opening of a new page in our engagement with the government. We have been calling for this engagement with the government since the year 2000,” said Matombo.

The government, in April this year, indicated that it accepted in the spirit of engagement among people of Zimbabwe the recommendations of the ILO commission of enquiry.

It said it would implement the commission’s recommendations in the context of its current legislative and institutional reform program and welcomed the guidance and support of the ILO.