I'm Circumcised, Boasts Reggae Star Winky D

Winky D said: “Being cool is not just about having a string of hit songs. It is about taking care of yourself and looking after your health. It is about making sure you are presentable, smart and clean all the time. That is why I am asking you to think about getting circumcised this school holiday”.

The reggae star, loved by many especially the younger generation, was asking school children to also get circumcised this holiday in in his campaign known as “Pinda muSmart Male Circumcision School Holiday Campaign – Get circumcised today”.

The Male Circumcision (MC) Campaign began on April 7 and runs until May 6. This coincides with school holiday in Zimbabwe. The Campaign ends with a major competition. If one brings a friend for circumcision, they receive a prize.

“It (male circumcision) is a quick, safe and painless medical procedure that will leave you feeling smart, and confident that you are always hygienically clean and protected from the HIV-Aids virus,” Winky D said in his campaign message currently being distributed by the Southern African Aids (SafAids) international organisation.”Getting circumcised is one of the coolest moves you will ever make. I should know…I made that move. Takaipa…Takaipa!!”

The Pinda muSmart Campaign material is sponsored by the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Association, National Aids Council (NAC), UKaid, USAid, and the Population Services International (PSI).

Pamphlets were distributed to senior journalists attending a one-day workshop addressing HIV prevention and related gender issues organised by SafAids in Harare.