I'm Too Busy To Visit You-MP Tells Constituency

By Upenyu Chaota & Lloyd Shunje

Masvingo North legislator and deputy minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Davis Marapira said his busy schedule does not allow him to be in his constituency as expected by the people who voted him into office in 2013.

Following a scathing attack from the people who felt dumped by the legislator, Marapira said those complaining should understand that as a deputy minister, the MP’s busy schedule no longer allows him to be in the villages.

” I go to my constituency when I have time. Its only that as a deputy minister, I have a very busy schedule,” said Marapira.

However, villagers and councillors said Marapira has become a visiting MP.

They blamed the MP for neglecting them saying he is always telling them that he is now a national figure who is worried about national issue.

 One villager who talked to Tell Zimbabwe on condition of anonymity said that they are still yet to see what Marapira can do since he was elected into office

“Marapira has done nothing. We voted for him but he has disappeared ever since,” said the villager.

Another councillor who refused to be named said its shocking that they are not allowed to ask Marapira any question a few times that he visits the constituency.

“Marapira tells us asking him questions is like challenging President Mugabe who appointed him to be a deputy minister,” said the councillor.

But Marapira insists that all the accusations are unfounded and blames wishful thinkers for being on the forefront of trying to soil his reputation.

“How can people spread such rumors that I have abandoned my constituency? People have to understand that I am a national politician and I move from point to point executing projects in my ministry”, said Marapira.

“As far as the roads are concerned, it is not my duty to see to it that they are fixed because they fall under the jurisdiction of councillors. The roads are under the council and I have nothing to do with that”, said Marapira.

Tell Zimbabwe crew has recently visited Masvingo North constituency and found out that the villages have teamed up to maintain the roads since they are the ones affected.

The former legislator for Masvingo North, the late Dr Stan Mudenge was always in the media for dumping the same constituency.


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