IMPI Avoids Mbare Revisit For Safety Reasons

The re-scheduled Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) meeting, which was scheduled to be held in Mbare failed to take place with residents complaining that the panel has taken them for a ride.

The meeting was part of the panel’s wind-up in its outreach programmes and had been rescheduled to today (Friday) following a no show by the residents who professed ignorance of the meeting.

In a twist of events, this time around the panel failed to show up, drawing anger from the residents who had gathered at Mai Musodzi Hall.

The residents, most of them the elderly, even confused the ZBC News for IMPI and poured out their sentiments.

IMPI Chairperson, Geoffrey Nyarota said they failed to show up following requests by Mbare well-wishers and had to consider the safety of the staff.

On Wednesday, Nyarota said the IMPI team will go on a regional study tour in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa after the mop-up exercise. 

The panel was mandated with gathering people’s views on the country’s media policy and content and is expected to give a report after its four months deadline.