Improved pay for rugby players

The players, despite their heroics last year have remained one of the worst remunerated national teams with players getting as little as $50 allowances for international fixtures.

“We are introducing contracts system for the players so that they get something out of the game,” said Sables Committee chairman Dumile Moyo.

“We owe the players money and we are looking to clear our debts then by the time we start to play competitively we would have given a certain number of players contracts. We hope we can pay them something in the region of $500 per month but we’ll start off with lower figures and improve as we get closer to the World Cup qualifiers.”

The players complained bitterly last year and threatened to quit the Sables and concentrate on their clubs and their jobs after they went unpaid.

The Sables won the tri-nations Victoria Cup and also qualified for Group A of the Africa Cup where if they maintain their place this year will feature in the World Cup qualifiers.
Moyo said they are looking at giving around ten of the regular players with the top contracts and also give the other players allowances.

The Sables emerged as the Team of the Year but while other excelling athletes and teams were hosted at the State house of President Robert Mugabe and rewarded for their heroics the rugby team was snubbed.

The national Under-20 team which won the Africa Cup was rewarded as was the national women’s football team which won the Cosafa Cup.