Inclusive Government Has Failed – Dabengwa

Dabengwa told party supporters here that only an election could save the people from continuous suffering.

He was accompanied by the party’s women’s league chairperson Tenjiwe Lesabe.

“The inclusive government has failed totally. They are failing to implement the outstanding issues while the people are suffering. We need to progress and the only way forward is to end the inclusive government,” said Dabengwa.

The former Zanu (PF) heavy weight, said the inclusive government must no go beyond June this year.

“Let us give them up to June to clean their mess. By June they should have managed to solve all outstanding issues. From there we must manage to have the new constitution followed by elections.

“Zimbabwe is ready for elections, as a party we are also ready for campaign and win elections,” he said.

“The only issue that we want is fresh elections. We want to help the suffering masses but the inclusive government is continuing to put stumbling blocks,” Dabengwa later told RadioVOP.