Inclusive Government Has Failed on Reforms: Crisis Coalition

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition was addressing a press briefing in Johannesburg Tuesday meant to give a civil society position on Zimbabwe post the just ended Africa Union summit held in Ethiopia.

“The Robert Mugabe government has failed to dismantle violence machinery. The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) has done little to bring transformation   and very few sufficient reforms have been effected to guarantee free and fair elections”, said Mavhinga.

Human Rights Watch’s Tiseko Kasambala said it was necessary for Western countries to maintain sanctions especially now considering that ZANU PF was using country’s alluvial stones to continue perpetrating violence.

“According to information in our possession, ZANU PF has reorganized and now has a hold on Marange diamonds. The liberation party has also resuscitated its violence tactics. Until electoral and human rights reforms have been instituted, sanctions should be maintained”, added Kasambala.

Central Methodist Church minister, Bishop Paul Verryn who is part of  the Johannesburg Peace Monitoring Group lamented that the unending political crisis in Zimbabwe was exposing citizens to harsh conditions in South Africa.

“Huge numbers of Zimbabweans thronging into South Africa are increasing on daily basis. Some Zimbabweans with asylum seekers permits are finding it difficult to renew permits and are forced in some cases to pay over one thousand rand for failing to extend on time”, said Bishop Verryn.

“Very few Zimbabweans come to South Africa for holiday. South Africa is known for its hostile approach on foreigners. Security apparatus who should protect citizens are now the ones threatening the security of citizens”, added Verryn.

Verryn confirmed he was housing between five hundred and six hundred Zimbabweans at his Central Methodist Church offices.

Human Rights activist Munjodzi Mutandiri registered concern with continued sustenance of sanctions on Zimbabwe especially now considering that the finance Minister Tendai Biti had registered need for a $600 million injection into the fiscus.

Mutandiri’s concern was however dismissed by Mavhinga who accused ZANU PF functionaries of looting proceeds from Marange diamonds.

“The Marange revenue is disappearing into pockets of few individuals. Marange diamonds if not extremely monitored will be used to oil the ZANU PF violence machinery “, said Mavhinga.