Increased Police Presence At Beitbridge Border Post

Police and soldiers have increased patrols around Musina and the Beitbridge border post as many heed the call for a stay away.

More public order police from provinces such as Northern Cape and Mpumalanga have been deployed to the border post.

A joint operations between the SANDF, police and Immigration officers have seen several undocumented foreigners mostly Zimbabweans rounded up and deported back to their countries since the start of this week.

Some shops mostly Indian owned closed early on Tuesday as it has been the case since last Friday, the day the ban on foreign import goods by Harare was effected. 

Last week Friday there were protests both at the Zimbabwean and South African side of the Beitbridge port of entry.

A warehouse was set alight and suspects arrested in Zimbabwe while operations were brought to a halt for almost four hours at the South African side too.