International ICT firm, Intergr8 Group, eyes Zimbabwe

“We think Zimbabwe is going to be a very good area for us, we are discussing with one of our clients to potentially open offices in Zimbabwe and I think the opportunity is great, pretty much what we did in 2001, we opened when everybody else was exiting,” said Interge8 Chief Executive, Rob Sussman.
“Now we want to go into Zimbabwe’s ICT industry when everyone else is getting out. We want to buck that trend.”
The Integre8 Group is now in almost every African country including in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana in the Southern African region.
Integre8 says these are exciting regions in which to invest and the company would continue to open offices in more African countries.
The ICT firm intends to spread its wings regionally and then globally especially in Africa.
Sussman said expansion into Africa marks the beginning of a new era and phase of growth for the company knows as one of those “from bedroom to boardroom businesses”.
Most recently, Intregr8 Group signed a massive US$6.8 billion joint venture agreement with Mahindra Satyam, one of the largest ICT companies in India, guaranteeing a strategic partnership in infrastructure and managed services.
Analysts said the three things high on Rob Sussman’s agenda for 2010 were – “entering the public sector, expanding further into Africa with a surprising entrance in cash-strapped Zimbabwe and, for the first time in its nine years of organic growth, making local acquisitions”.