International Trade Union Calls For Free And Fair Election

Visiting ITUC general secretary Sharon Burrow said Tuesday that Zimbabwean workers should fully participate in Zimbabwe’s next elections in order to elect a government that respects their labour rights.

“We want to see people have their right to exercise their vote for a democratic government, that will in fact act in the interest of the people, in the interest of the workers,” Burrow told journalists in Harare Tuesday.

She added, “Without a government elected fairly, elected in peaceful circumstances, a government that actually stands out for the rights of workers, a government that puts the legislation in place, govern Zimbabwe in the interest of the people and put in place a sustainable economy, then workers will suffer.”

The international labour organisation chief is part of a 35 strong delegation from Africa and beyond that came to Zimbabwe to help the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions operationalise a recent International Labour Organisation commission of inquiry report that found the Zimbabwean government in serious violation of labour rights.

In the report, the ILO gave government a period of 12 months to implement its recommendations.

The report calls on the Zimbabwean government halt all trade union abuses in Zimbabwe, recommendations which call for the repeal of repressive laws impeding the rights of workers.