Intimidation Wont Stop Me From Doing My Job:Masunda

Masunda told the Sunday Times this week he would carry out his duties “without fear or favour”.
He was responding to scenes of violence that engulfed Town House last week when Zanu-PF supporters besieged the council offices.

“When the 2008 harmonised election took place, the people of Harare voted and elected 45 out of 46 democratically elected councillors of the MDC and only one Zanu-PF councillor, Evelyn Njiri.
“She came in courtesy of the gerrymandering that took place around the Hopley Farm during the election and that is also the reason there is one urban Zanu-PF MP in Harare, Lieutenant-Colonel Hubert Nyanhongo,” Masunda said.

“As a council we have no cause to be afraid because the councillors who are there reflect the will of the people.
“We have a duty to carry out and that duty will be carried out until the next elections. We are the duly elected authority and we will carry out our duties without fear or favour.”

More than 200 Zanu-PF supporters last week besieged the city’s headquarters, with others ransacking offices, baying for Masunda, following the slashing of maize that had been planted in undesignated areas. They also accused the council of charging high tariffs.
But Masunda said his council would run the city according to its by-laws.

“This is the message that needs to be carried out to a lot of those misguided loose cannons,” said Masunda. Zanu-PF supporters have often taken the law into their own hands, sometimes grabbing council land for their own use. They have so far managed to block some city roads and open spaces, turning them into street markets.
Scenes of violence directed at MDC officials are on the increase as the Zanu-PF officials up the ante on electoral rhetoric ahead of a possible election later this year.

Last week, the co-Minister of Home Affairs, Theresa Makone, was barred from addressing a meeting in her Hatfield constituency. And as if this was not enough, a marketplace she built with money from her parliamentary fund was destroyed by Zanu-PF supporters on Tuesday night.
Ironically, Makone is the co-Minister of Home Affairs responsible for the police.