Investigator In Diamond Activist's Case Asks For More Time

Maguwu has been further remanded in custody to Friday by Harare magistrate Don Ndirowei where he will make a ruling on whether he will be granted bail.Detective Inspector, Henry Sostein Dowa told the court that he failed to meet Kimberley Process diamond monitor, Chikane in South Africa to investigate on the monitors meetings with Maguwu.

“I went South Africa , I missed him ( Chikane),” Dowa told the court.”He had gone to Israel to attend a conference. I would want a statement regarding the conversation he had with Maguwu and the documents he was given.”

The prosecution and the police had said they needed time to complete their investigations, which the defence had argued has been delayed to ‘fix’ their client, who had been denied bail since his arrest early last month.

However, Dowa argued that Maguwu and his lawyers were refusing to cooperate thereby delaying investigations. He cited refusal by the defence to give out passwords for the confisticated computer.

“Maguwu and his defence are prolonging investigations because they are refusing to cooperate with us. If you do not cooperate your investigations will be prolonged,” Dowa said.

Maguwu is facing charges of publishing falsehoods against the state with the intention of ‘prejudicing’ security and economic interests of Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday Maguwu told the court that Dowa and his team of investigators camped at his house, at his food supplies and slept on his bed while he was languishing in prison.

Henry dowa is a notorious Zimbabwean police torturer.

In May 2003 REDRESS, an international non-governmental organisation, learnt that he was in Kosovo.

In June 2003 REDRESS dispatched a comprehensive dossier to the head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) civilian police force (CIVPOL). CIVPOL is made up of several thousand police officers drawn from UN member states including Zimbabwe.

The report comprised of shocking details from Zimbabwe toruture survivors detailing how they had suffered at Dowa’s hands. They had been subjected to electric shock toruture and beatings on the bare soles of the feet.

In September of the same year the UN asked the Zimbabwe government to withdraw Dowa.

The report also noted that it was concerned that if Dowa returned to Zimbabwe he would not be brought to justice as the rule of law did not exist.

Nothing happened to him even though the Kosovo courts, under the authority of UNMIK had jurisdiction over Dowa in regard to allegations of torture in Zimbabwe. UNMIK refused to pursue the criminal prosecution on the grounds of ‘scarce resources’.