Iranian President Blames Satanic Pressures On Iran And Zimbabwe

“Iran and Zimbabwe are two countries that continue the effort to maintain their sovereignty and freedom,” Ahmadinejad said at a dinner with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

“Of course, our strength had provoked the hostility of expansionist countries,” he said. “Here, I condemn all pressures, all satanic pressures, pressures on the government and people of Zimbabwe.”

“We believe victory is ours and humiliation and defeat for our enemies,” he said.

“Of course, they have failed to reach their objectives and results. They had imagined they could change the directions of our nations. Our nations stood firm.”

Both Ahmadinejad and Mugabe are known for their controversial policies and anti-Western rhetoric.

Ahmadinejad currently faces the threat of new United Nations sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme, while Mugabe is accused of not honouring a power-sharing agreement reached last year after controversial elections.

Both men have also clung to power through elections marred by violence and allegations of fraud — Ahmadinejad after a bloody presidential election in 2009 and Mugabe after sharply criticised polls in 2002 and 2008. AFP