Iranian President Jets In Amid Tight Security

Armed soldiers from 1 Commando Brigade and police officers infested the sideways of the Airport road from the city centre up to the aiport.

Four fighter jets were flying over the airport for more than 30 minutes before the Iranian leader arrived in the official Islamic Republic of Iran plane marked EP-AJD, much to the ululations and praise singing of the members of the Islamic community based in Zimbabwe.

Helicopters flew around Harare for the better part of the day before Ahmadnejad’s arrival and continued to fly hours later in a show of honour and protection for the Islamic leader.

When Ahmadnejad jetted into Zimbabwe he was escorted by three helicopters.

It took close to seven minutes before disembarking the plane because the stairway was not properly fitted to the giant aircraft.

Employees from the National Handling Services (NHS) had to run around to fix the stare with close supervision from Ahmadinejad’s security personnel.

All cars escorting the Iranian Head of State, including President Robert Mugabe’s, had to be “bullet proof checked “by top Iranian security officials.

“We were asked to get the Zim 1 car offically checked for being bullet proof,” a top CIO agent told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview at the Harare International Airport.

The Iranian escort had more than 15 cars including 10 bullet proof Mercedes Benz saloons, two fully equipped ambulances as well as President Mugabe’s official Zim 1 merc.

This is the first time that a Head of State or government has demanded to have Mugabe’s official Zim 1 checked for bullet proof security measures.

The last time that such a stir was caused in Harare was when President Muamer Kaddafi stayed in Zimbabwe in 1986. Kaddafi had his own personal security that included several women.

A high level Iranian delegation is already in Zimbabwe and has held several talks with big companies including the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDC), led by Mike Ndudzo,where it expects to build a tractor factory for the parastatal.

Iran also wants tobacco from cash strapped Zimbabwe.

In return, sources said Zimbabwe will receive financial aid including the much needed “change” from the USA which is short in the country right now.

Zimbabwe does not have 50c, 25c, or 10c coins in the country right now.

People are instead given food products in return for small change.

“Gone will be the days of lack of small change in Zimbabwe after this stint by the Iranians,” a source told Radio VOP.

“Zimbabwe no longer needs to go to the IMF or World Bank and now has change from Iran instead. That is part of the top secret deal.”

The Iranian leader was received by a 21-gun salute from the Zimbabwean government and also inspected a guard of honour before leaving the airport to visit Modzone, a textile company based in Chitungwiza and financed by Iran, and the Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries.

Ahmadinejad will officially open the ZITF on Friday.

Iran and Ahmadinejad in particular has been under harsh criticism from Western nations for pressing ahead with uranium enrichment programs it says are to produce nuclear energy amid fears the militant Islamic state could develop nuclear weapons.

Iran is the biggest exhibitor at a trade fair, Ahmadinejad, is scheduled to open in the second city of Bulawayo on Friday.

Ahmadinejad is the first leader from outside the African continent to open the exposition since independence.