It Is No Longer A Lazy Sunday As Business Venture Pays Off

 Many who are battling to make ends meet economically have found solace on Sunday sales of clothes, motor spares, weaves among other items in the capital city’s central business district (CBD). To them it is no longer a lazy Sunday.
Joyce Banda who sells hair extensions and weaves admits that Sunday sales are surging since February this year when she started. “I am making better sales on Sunday than any other working day. It was a venture worth trying. Today I had sales clocking $500.00 though I am used to daily sales of $300.00. 
Many customers are women in the working class who prefer to have their hair done on Sundays. I am now attached to Sunday as a working day” says Banda. She imports weaves from Tanzania and some costs as much as $25.00 per set. ”Women believe they are well dressed if their hair is done and I believe am playing a role to that motto” adds Banda with a broad smile. 
 Robert Mapanda is into car spares and oil sales, says Sunday marketing is making a difference him. “Many people travel during the weekends and they definitely need spares and oils. We are here to meet their expectations and demands when major outlets are closed”
For Mapanda who operates a small shop along Julius Nyerere within Harare CBD, Sunday sales are an answer to the “missing link on how to make money” during these hard times.
 ”The US dollar is elusive and you have to capitalise on every opportunity that come your way” he says his face beaming with confidence. He has every reason to do so as Mapanda further adds that the move was worth a trial.
 ”We are also selling these spares to other outlets from smaller towns as far as Kariba, Karoi or Murehwa among other areas. You are assured that you make better sales even if you work for few hours” Kariba is nearly 300 away from Harare.
 Agness Jakachaka who sells clothes within the same area sums up it all saying ”If you snooze you lose” catch words. “There is no need to let a day pass without making money and Sunday must not be an different to us as up and coming business women”, she adds.
Zimbabwe had to introduce multi- currency system in 2009 in a move aimed at restoring its battered economy that broke world inflation records due to political and social crisis. As many are working day and night to rebuild the ailing economy, shop owners here still believe they have a role to play as Zimbabweans in the noble.

Mapanda concludes, ”In a small way we look forward to say: We used to make money during the lazy Sunday during hard times in an effort to be rebuilding our economy”. Sunday is no longer past time day for Banda, Mapanda among other here in Harare.