Its Time to Invest in Zimbabwe:Chamisa

With his flowery language Chamisa kept the audience informed about the developments in Zimbabwe and pointing investors to fields that need investments.

“Zimbabweans are peace loving people, they are  hardworking, very literate and also fluent in english”  and joked saying “the level of fluency impress even the queen” to a rapturous applause from over five-hundred strong audience.

“This is the time to come and invest in Zimbabwe, our country is a ready market for investment especially in the ICTs” added Chamisa.

Chamisa who is Zimbabwe’s youngest Minister said his age was of paramount importance as ICTs are most utilised by the young generation.

“The Minister is young which is an assurance that as you come to invest you will be assisted with speed” said Chamisa in a statement that sounded sacarstic if viewed in contrast with President Mugabe who just turned 88.

“Our citizens remain marginalised and at the periphery of development. As the ICT minister i have helped set up e-government platforms and soon will be introducing at ICT bill that will address among others issues like cybersecurity and national roaming” added Chamisa.

Chamisa also jokingly suggested that he was also considering setting up an e-lobola platform.