Ivory Coast Disputed Leader, Gbagbo Seeks Mugabe's Help

The meeting, which was held at Munhumutapa offices, was also attended by Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Herbert Murerwa.

Dr Zoge Abie who is Ivory Coast’s Ambassador to South Africa did not meet the press as he was reported to have left the country for an undisclosed destination immediately after the meeting.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, George Charamba later addressed journalists.
He said, “The envoy had come to brief the Acting President on the situation in his country.”

Gbago is under pressure to relinquish power from the world super powers and Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) which said he must hand over power to Allasane Quttara who they recognise as the legitimate winner.

Gbago’s latest move is seen as a way of exerting his own diplomatic pressure in a bid to end the raging political crisis.

Just before Christmas he sent another envoy to Cameroon to seek support ahead of an African Union summit to discuss the matter. He has in recent days sung from the same hymn book with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe saying foreign powers were interfering in Ivorian internal affairs.

Mugabe has in the past also maintained that problems that his country is facing were caused by former colonial power Britain together with its European and American allies who continue to meddle in its affairs.

Gbago like Mugabe in 2008 is facing a legitimacy crisis. He has since been slapped with sanctions by the European Union while he faces the possibility of a military action if he continuous with his resistance to vacate office.

Harare based political commentator, John Makumbe told Radio VOP that it was sad that the trend of refusing to vacate political office is continuing.

“He is hoping to learn from Mugabe on what to do next. I can’t see any change apart from knowing how to handle the international pressure. He is seeking support from a fellow dictator on how to resist democracy after losing election,” said Makumbe. “It’s sad and embarrassing that dictators are learning from each other how to hold on to power illegitimately.”