Jamanda Appointed Supporters Link

This follows a directive by the world football controlling body, Fifa which has asked all football associations to have an official who co-ordinates national football teams supporters’ activities to create a rapport between football authorities and soccer fans.

This renders useless the two warring soccer supporters associations, the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association headed by Eddie Mboma Nyatanga and the Warriors Fan Club headed by Tendai Zhakata who were at each other’s throat over control of supporters’ activities.

Ironically, at one time, Jamanda had his own supporters association which rivaled the Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association before the two parties decided to merge.

In addition, Jamanda’s other role would be to mobile supporters for all the national teams and ensure all their activities are in line with regulations that govern football all over the world.

Zifa have asked the Motor Action strongman to set up supporters structures in the provinces which will operate directly under his control while he himself reports to Zifa who will pay his salary.

His first task comes this week when Zimbabwe travels to Angola for an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier where he has been asked to identify supporters who will travel with the team to Angola as the Warriors are travelling by a chartered plane and there are some seats reserved for
some fans.

However Jamanda says he is going to consult the two existing supporters’ bodies to see how best they can come up with a balanced team of supporters from all provinces for the limited seat available.