Jenje-Makwenda Pens New Book On Zim Female Musicians

Harare, June 30, 2014-The new book by archivist, author and ZBC board member, Joyce Jenje-Makwenda titled; ‘Women Musicians of Zimbabwe,’ is a detailed and remarkable account of the journey that has been travelled by female musicians from the 1930s to 2013.

Makwenda looks at some of the issues that affect women musicians with her research taking her as far way back as the 1930s.

Her book is also a celebration of what the country’s female musicians have achieved so far.

Makwenda, who first published the book ‘Township Music in Zimbabwe’ in 2005, says she is now trying to examine the local industry with a detailed and remarkable account of the journey that female musicians have travelled over the years.

Written in simple English for both young and older readers, Makwenda’s book is a celebration of women’s struggle for voice and artistic expression in very challenging circumstances.

The author is not only an accomplished writer and researcher, but is passionate about the arts.

She has also written another book titled ‘Gupuro’ in 2006, which was later adapted into drama for radio and television.

In 1992, she came up with the first documentary on Zimbabwe township music, which is based on her first book.