JOMIC, Zim Political Parties Condemn Violence

Zanu (PF) JOMIC representative Oppah Muchinguri told Radio VOP on Friday: “We are setting up a 24 hour hotline to receive and act on incidences of political violence before they happen,” said Muchinguri.

The move to open the hotline is just one of the many strategies that JOMIC will be using to try and stop violence in Harare townships, Mainly Mbare suburb.

“We are going to meet the police with a view of discussing ways of stopping violence before it occurs. The police has been doing a good job but off course like in any situation there are some trigger happy people who are just subjective,” Muchinguri said.

“We will work to produce weekly reports on these incidences of political violence which we will give to the police to act on.”

Furthermore Muchinguri said JOMIC will establish inter political party committees which will constantly meet to discuss issues of political violence.

She also had a direct message to leaders of the country’s three political parties party to the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“They must speak with one voice so that there are no different views which will confuse the nation, they should lead us by example,” she said.

Meanwhile the country’s three main political parties denounced the political violence that has engulfed some parts of Harare in a joint statement released Friday.

“As the provincial party chairmen of Zanu (PF), MDC and MDC T we want to denounce the wave of violence which has taken place in several Harare high density areas such as Mbare, Epworth and Chitungwiza in the past two weeks,” the statement read.

“We believe it is within our power to stop violence which poses a threat to the lives of our people. Today it is violence tomorrow it could be death.”

The Harare provincial chairpersons of the three parties, Amos Midzi of Zanu (PF), Morgan Femai MDC T and a Mr Monera of MDC agreed to work together to stop the violence.

“We now commit ourselves to work closely together as provincial chairmen to stop the scourge which is fast becoming a second culture every time there is mention of elections,” the three said in the statement they co-signed.

Meanwhile in a group of well known Zanu (PF) youth in Zaka North constituency are threatening to beat up villagers and teachers if they fail to support the constitution draft during a referendum which is expected this year.

Youth led by a man identified as Musase in ward 23 are moving in every ward, demanding meetings with teachers even during working hours.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said: “We are worried because our members in Zaka are living in fear every day. Teachers are unnecessarily called to attend Zanu (PF) meetings and often they are humiliated by people who never went to school.”

The National Constitution Assembly (NCA) members in Masvingo also said they were being persecuted ‘for no reason’. NCA is campaigning for a no vote of the new constitution because it was not people driven.

Sungano Zvarebwanashe a field officer with NCA said members of the organisation had received threats from Zanu (PF) youth in Bikita.

“They (Zanu PF) youth are calling us on our mobile phones threatening us. They are saying we must not continue going into rural areas having meetings with villagers. I was personally banned from going to Zaka.

“I received a call instructing me that I will be in trouble if I go to Zaka anytime from last week,” said Zvarebwanashe.

A local headmaster said: “We are very afraid. We do not know what will happen to us here.”