Jonathan Moyo Fails To Make It To Zanu PF's Politburo

Moyo had been heavily tipped to take over either as party’s information secretary from old Nathan Shamuyarira who has retired from active politics, or to head the party’s influential commissariat left vacant by the late Elliot Manyika.

But Rugare Gumbo rose from Zanu PF political doldrums to land the powerful post political commissar while the party’s information secretariat went to Webster Shamu.

The last minute decision to dump Moyo is said to have been influenced by the Zanu PF old guard who found it difficult to trust the cunning professor enough to be part of the Zanu PF inner circle.

Moyo had worked hard, employing his political sophistication to regain lost favors from President Robert Mugabe by outwitting and attacking Morgan Tsvangirai at every opportunity.

But as it turned out Friday Moyo’s efforts appeared to have come to naught and it’s back to square one for the former powerful minister of information.

Zanu PF has benefitted from Moyo’s sharp political brains which the party has exploited to extricate itself from at least two close shaves with political demise but the professor has apparently proved too clever for comfort.

Many both inside and outside Zanu PF consider Moyo an outright political turncoat who cannot be trusted.

A Zanu PF central committee said Moyo would however appear unhurt and continue to work for the party in the crucial battle of wits against the MDC. Zanu PF is pushing Tsvangirai and his party into the corner in Global Political Agreement negotiations where Mugabe has stuck his foot demanding that all sanctions against him and his inner circle be removed before any of the MDC’s numerous demands are even considered.

President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao also managed to get himself into the politburo as the deputy secretary for science and technology. Former health minister David Parirenyatwa got the the post of secretary for health he will be deputised by Douglas Mombeshora.

Other senior Zanu PF officials retained their positions in the party’s highest decision making organ.