Jonathan Moyo Lied -British Embassy

Moyo who has slapped the Daily News newspaper with a US$60 000 damages in publishing opinion pieces that he criticised President Mugabe allegedly said Cole was working in cahoots with the MDC in lying that he was the chief briber in the attempt by Zanu (PF) to bribe MDC legislators into voting for Simon Khaya Moyo the Zanu PF candidate who later lost to MDC’s Lovemore Moyo.

“The British Embassy totally rejects the absurd allegations made by Prof Jonathan Moyo linking Tim Cole, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy in Harare, to bribery claims made public by MDC-Tsvangirai in advance of the House of Assembly vote for a new Speaker on 29 March,” the embassy noted in a statement.

“Mr Cole’s role at the Embassy is to manage the mission and represent the Ambassador in his absence. It is unacceptable to have his role deliberately misrepresented in this way. The United Kingdom is a committed friend of the people of Zimbabwe.”

The embassy said it remains committed in helping the people of Zimbabwe. The embassy said: “This year we have provided over $110 million in aid – our largest ever package of support – to support the provision of essential basic services, protect the livelihoods of Zimbabwe’s poorest people and to support economic stabilisation.”

Jonathan Moyo, a political turn-coat was named by the MDC’s top leadership as the culprit behind the attempted bribery of US$ 50 000 handed over to the MDC parliamentarians to sway them to support Zanu (PF).

The MDC said it will keep the money as exhibit. Moyo has threatened a legal suit to MDC MPs and newspapers that published that he was behind the botched bribery attempt.