Journalists barred at Auxillia Mnangagwa function for “improper dressing”

By Stephen Chadenga

Scores of journalists were last Saturday forced to cover an event from
outside the venue in Mvuma where Fist Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa
distributed small grains after one security detail manning the
entrance barred them from entering on alleged improper dressing.
Despite being shown the Zimbabwe Media Commission accreditation press
cards the security personnel said it was disrespectful to stand in
front of the first lady wearing T-shirts and shorts.
“I know you journalists will stand in front of the First Lady doing
your work,”the security detail could be heard saying.
“But then you honestly can’t stand in front of the First Lady wearing
T-shirts and shorts. It is disrespectful.”
Mnangagwa however distributed 16 tonnes of sorghum grain to over 3 000
women from various wards in Chirumanzu district where she launched the
Midlands provincial small grains programme.
She said women formed the backbone of the economy hence it was
important to empower them in agriculture.
She said impact of climate change required that women embrace small
grains to avert hunger and enhance food security.
“Midlands naturally falls under a region which receives below normall
rainfall and I believe that if women farmers plant small grains such
as sorghum which are drought and disease tolerant they will be able to
enhance the country’s food security,”she said.
“Empowering the woman means empowering the whole family and the
community. It is however saddening that to note that climate change
undermines more directly on women’s livelihoods which is largely
centred on rain-fed agriculture leading to accelerated food insecurity
and heightened improvishment.”
She said she would be going around the whole country encouraging women
to take up small grains.
Speaking on the sidelines of the launch Chirumanzu South legislator,
Barbara Rwodzi said women communal farmers contributed immensely to
agriculture to the agriculture sector but lacked the means of
” When it comes to accessing agriculture inputs men usually want to be
at the forefront yet the woman communal farmer is the one who usually
work on the land,” she told Radiovop.
“What the first lady did today (Saturday) is in line with Africa’s
Agenda 2063 towards poverty eradication and women empowerment.”