Journalists Shun Drinking Hole Over High Beer Prices

Journalists said they can no longer afford the high prices of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages the hotel was charging them.

Most of Zimbabwe’s journalists are poorly remunerated, earning paltry monthly salaries below the poverty datum line.

Two months ago, the hotel reduced the prices of its beverages after protracted negotiations with the Press Club representatives. But in a surprise move, the hotel unilaterally increased the prices last weekend.

Tabani Moyo, the club’s secretary general, said the inhibitive prices of beverages would adversely affect relations between the Press Club and the hotel.

Lately very few journalists patronise the club only coming when they are sponsored programmes such as Quill Speak where beverages and snacks were free.

Moyo has written to the hotel.

Moyo said the Ambassador Hotel was a three (3) star hotel but prices of beverages were far beyond those at five (5) star Hotels.