Journalists snub SECZ workshop

SECZ announced last week that journalists should be registered with them because they give advice to investors. To get licenced, journalists must produce birth certificates, academic and professional qualifications, two passport-size photos, a curriculum vitae and police clearance.

SECZ wants business and financial journalists to pay US$2 000 as registration fee and advertised in a local weekly for a familiarization workshop.
According to SECZ, unregistered journalists cannot report about the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and doing so without registration is a serious offence.
Journalists told Radiovop confirmed that they had stayed away from the workshop as SECZ were getting it wrong from the outset.
“To begin with there is nothing in the Statutory Instrument which says journalists should be registered. We are already registered with the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC),” one journalist said.

Another one added: “I don’t need to pay money to them when they are the ones desperate to let me know about them.”

Journalists from The Herald; Sunday Mail; Zimbabwe Independent; Standard; Financial Gazette and NewsDay also did not attend the workshop.
Journalists’ bodies see SECZ proposal as an attempt to muzzle the media and are angry at Chris Mutsvangwa who despite sitting in both ZMC and SECZ failed to adequately represent them.

No comment could be obtained from SECZ on the new course of action after the failed Tuesday workshop.