Journo Refutes Chipangano Links, Describes Reports as False and Malicious

Although the Media Complaints Commission (MMC) gave full and careful consideration to the submissions made by Mr.Chikumira and concluded that Radio VOP had not violated journalistic code of ethics, it stressed the importance of giving Mr Chikumira the right to respond.

The Radio VOP reporter got the information of Mr Chikumira’s involvement with Chipangano through MDC-T press release hence Radio VOP journalist cited the MDC-T document that was on public domain.

The article appeared on Radio VOP website on the 8th of November 2011 which was entitled “ZBC reporter part of Zanu PF violence”. Chikumira approached the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) to register his concerns with regards to the article. Chikumira’s complaint was initially directed to The Zimbabwean newspaper that had carried the story however, Radio VOP was summoned by the VMCZ for a hearing as the original author of the story.

It was Mr Chikumira’s submission that the Radio VOP article ‘insinuated’ that he was associated with Chipangano.He said he was not part of the campaign that disrupted the meeting in question and said that he was not involved with Chipangano. He complained that the allegations that he played a part in the violence are false and malicious.

At the time the Radio VOP published the story Mr Chikumira could not be reached for comment as the journalist who wrote the story tried unsuccessfully to reach Chikumira on his mobile. However, Chikumira on his submissions to the MCC denied that his mobile was ever unreachable at the time of publishing the story.

Chikumira says the story has prejudiced him as fellow reporters and members of his family now believe that he is part of Chipangano. Whenever one searches for his name on the internet, his name always appears alongside that of Chipangano.